Enjoy the Advantages of a Multi-Specialty Dental Practice

Most general dentists have to refer patients to other specialists for treatments and solutions such as oral surgeries, periodontal care, and orthodontics. At our facility, we employ a team of dental practitioners that includes a variety of specialty areas, so you do not need to be referred out. This means you and your family can receive all of the dental care needed at one location, by specialists in their field. This reduces your treatment time and increases your opportunities to get individualized care.

Dr. Kayvon Javid

A distinguished, dedicated, and committed dentistry professional with over twenty-five years of progressive experience within the fields of patient care, oral surgery, periodontics, and dental education. Specializes in complex cases and implant dentistry. PhD in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Periodontics and Doctorate of Dental Surgery with Honors from USC. A former faculty of USC Advanced Education in Dentistry Program. Board certified Implantologist. A Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Board Member of Biolase. Founder of Academy of Oral Surgery, South Bay Implant Institute and Dr. Smile Dental Group. CEO of Global Implantology Institute. Editor and Board Member of International Journal of Growth Factors and Stem Cells in Dentistry. Certified Phlebotomy Instructor.

Dr. Mariam Nadi

Dr. Mariam Nadi has been serving the Southbay area for the past 16 years. Her philosophy is to maximize the use of the technology in the office to increase comfort, to minimize the patient chair time, and to limit the total amount of visits to complete the treatment plan.

Dr.Nadi explains why Dr.Smile Stands Out

Dr. Fahima Nadi

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