Choosing the Right Tooth Replacement for Your New Smile

Tooth loss invariably causes a host of unwanted events, from loss of bone tissue to nutritional deficiencies and deflated self-esteem. Choosing non-permanent, often unreliable solutions like traditional removable dentures, while convenient, unfortunately does not offer the stability and health benefits afforded by dental implants. Ward off the unfavorable effects of tooth loss with the permanent solution of beautiful, natural-looking dental implants from leading implant dentists, Drs. Kayvon Javid and Mariam Nadi.

Dental Implants

Used to replace anywhere from one tooth to an entire arch, implants are the most lifelike tooth replacement available today, replicating both crowns and roots of teeth. Ideal candidates are those with adequate bone or having received bone grafting. Implants provide the ultimate permanence, function, and esthetics for your smile.

Same-Day Dental Implants

Whether you are about to undergo extractions or have worn traditional dentures for years, you can enjoy the immediate benefits of same-day dental implants. This innovative option allows for permanent placement of a series of implant posts and attachment of a fully functional prosthetic – both within one convenient appointment. Enjoy your new smile right from the start.

Implant Supported Dentures

Fashioned in either a removable or fixed method, implant supported dentures are an alternative to traditional removable dentures and are ideal for those new to tooth loss or making the switch from conventional appliances. Your implant denture attaches through a bar or ball-and-socket mechanism to implant posts permanently integrated with the jaw bone, delivering a secure, stable bite and brilliant new smile.

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Traditional Dentures

Temporary yet convenient, traditional dentures replace teeth by resting atop the gum tissues. This conventional solution may be used to address tooth loss while waiting to begin the implant process or for other transitional means.


Offering an instant smile upgrade, Snap-On Smile® is a custom-made removable appliance snapping right over your existing arch of teeth. It is often used to hide missing, malpositioned or heavily stained teeth along with chips, breaks and unevenness in tooth structure, creating a balanced, esthetic smile.

Permanent and Removable Options From Our Expert

With the vast array of tooth replacement options today, you are sure to find something meeting your needs and preferences. Dental implant solutions afford unparalleled permanence and stability, while traditional removable dentures are convenient and easily removed for daily homecare.

When faced with tooth loss and choosing your own replacement option, rely on the advanced expertise and skill of Drs. Javid and Nadi. As leaders in implant dentistry, Dr. Javid has completed over 1,000 hours of continuing education in implant dentistry and proudly advances the education of other dentists as faculty at the California Implant Institute and Megadent Implant Institute, and Dr. Nadi has completed training at the IMI clinic. Drs. Javid and Nadi are honored to change the lives of thousands of patients through dental implant solutions, and look forward to doing the same for you.

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