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Causing unattractive changes to your smile, gum recession resulting from gum disease or other factors impacts more than just your appearance and self-confidence. A receding gum line places the health of your root surfaces in peril, unprotected from the damaging effects of bacterial and chemical or mechanical harm. Yet, you may be hesitant or fearful about treating gum recession with traditional gum grafting procedures. Modern dentistry answers with a simple, easy approach to repairing your receding gum line.

repairing recession

Modern Approach to Repairing Recession

The process of gum recession begins when gum tissues pull away from the teeth and recede down the root surface, exposing this tooth structure to the oral environment.

Traditionally, dentists have relied on gum grafting to restore health and appearance to the gum line – a process requiring incisions, sutures and a long healing period. However, today’s modern technology has produced minimally invasive, convenient gum recession treatment in the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™).

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A Leader in Advanced Dentistry

With PST™, you can receive the gum recession treatment you need without the fear or anxiety of facing traditional gum grafting procedures. Dr. Javid is passionate about bringing you and your family the most advanced, pain-free procedures available today, and stays true to this effort by offering an innovative gum grafting alternative.

He has the advanced training, certification and experience required to perform PST™, and is among the elite few dentists providing this revolutionary gum recession procedure. Feel confident in getting the treatment you need for a return to better oral health and a beautiful, even smile with PST™ from Dr. Javid.

benefits of PST

The Far-Reaching Benefits of PST™

PST™ is an exciting breakthrough in dentistry, providing comfortable, immediate results and a winning smile. Through a tiny opening near the area of recession, Dr. Javid gently relocates gum tissue to a more favorable location on the tooth surface. PST™ delivers amazing benefits, such as:

  • Comfortable, minimally invasive procedure
  • Little to no bleeding
  • No large incisions or sutures
  • Short recovery period
  • Multiple sites treated in one visit
  • Reduced appointment time
  • An even, balanced smile line
  • Immediate cosmetic results

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